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GLUTEN FREE/REDUCED GLUTEN DISCLAIMER: Home Style Bakery of Grand Junction is unable to guarantee a 'gluten-free' environment in our facility due to the potential for cross contamination with gluten-containing products. We strive to produce and package our gluten-free products in an environment with the lowest risk of possible cross-contamination . Each consumer is responsible for judging individual degree of sensitivity and risk in consuming these items. We are more than happy to provide you with the list of ingredients for our gluten-free products.

Copyrights, Trademark and Decorated Treats

Home Style Bakery of Grand Junction is unable to make cakes using licensed characters unless a written copyright release has been received from the copyright/trademark owner. This includes cakes made from shaped pans, carved cakes, and cakes with the likeness of licensed characters drawn on them. This also pertains to trademarks, such as the Nike® swoop, or the name Pepsi®. Photographs and images from directories, yearbooks, and photography studios also fall under these restrictions as they are also copyrighted from the studios and publishers.
It is a violation of Federal Copyright Law for a cake decorator to decorate ANY product they SELL with an identical copy or close likeness of copyrighted movie, TV, cartoon, or comic book character without permission of the copyright owners. To do so can cost the decorator AND the customer a great deal of money for damages under the law. Penalties can range up to $150,000 or more. As an individual making cakes privately at home for your own family and friends -- WHERE ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS, EVEN TO COVER EXPENSES -- you can do whatever you want. But the law does apply to us, a bakery trying to make a profit from the cakes we make and decorate. It also applies to any private individual who accepts any amount of money for their creations.

If you want to buy a cake with licensed characters you have two legal options:
1) Contact the copyright owner to obtain a release for the one time use, IN WRITING. This may take some time and be very expensive.
2) Purchase a licensed cake design or figure and bring it into the shop. We stock a limited number of the most popular items (Dora, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Spongebob, etc.), but are happy to put any item you bring into the bakery on your cake and decorate around it.