Pastries and Danish

Almond Horns, Bear Claws, Fruit Filled Croissants, Almond Cherry Diamonds, Peanut Butter Rolls, Chocolate Cherry Diamonds, Fruit Bars, Cinnamon Crispies, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Chewies

Coffee Cakes

Almond Rings, Almond Brittle, Chocolate Chip, Hazelnut-Cheese, Raspberry-Cheese Swirl, Pecan, Apricot-Raspberry, Cinnamon-Streusel  Horseshoe, Assorted Fruit and Fruit and Cheese Varieties


Raised Doughnuts, Cake Doughnuts, Doughnut Holes, Bismarks, Raspberry Rosebuds, Chocolate Bow Ties, Eclairs, Cro-Dos, Lemon Drops, Cherry Drops, Cream Gems, Mesa Doughnuts, Apple Fritters, Cinnamon Twists, Nut Twists, Glazed Twists, Filled and Unfilled Long Johns, Texas Doughnuts (They're BIG!) Fried Cinnamon Rolls