Home Style Bakery of Grand Junction is a full-service bakery. On a daily basis we bake fresh bread, pies, cakes, muffins and pastries. We have specials every weekend. Our cake consultants can help you design the perfect decorated cake for your special occasion.

  • Doughnuts for early morning staff meetings
  • Cookies for your receptions and teas
  • Decorated cakes for your special occasion
  • Pastries for brunch or breakfast
  • Fresh bread, rolls, and bagels for a special meal
  • Selection of Reduced-Gluten treats

One of the last true bakeries left in Colorado, our shop was founded in June of 1948. Walt Schultz and Al Troester employed five people at 940 North Avenue. After 24 years, Walt moved the bakery to it's current location. Don and Jan Wilke became owners in April, 1976. Don's specialty, cinnamon-sugar encrusted cinnamon-raisin bread consistently earns "The Toast of the Town" while our wedding cakes, cookies, bagels, pastries, doughnuts and breads satisfy every discriminating taste.